Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

Empowered Buildings brings everything under one roof

Our expertise is an extension of your organization… A robust team of Professional Engineers, Audit and Commissioning Professionals, Certified Energy Managers, and Leading Technologists – we offer a breadth of services and knowledge that greatly simplifies Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

  • EB takes a pragmatic, data-driven approach to audit, benchmark, analyze, and deliver optimized building operations.

  • EB employs advanced controls strategies, installing new or integrating with your existing controls.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Rapid Response.

  • Our team does the math.
    We calculate the true ROI of all potential ECMs to inform and substantiate your investments decisions.
  • EB manages the incentive process for you.
    Up to 85% of ECM related costs are often covered. We file the required paperwork and facilitate all approved projects to ensure maximum federal | state | local tax credits, utility program grants | rebates, and carbon credits are obtained.

  • Our building assessments and reporting meet all formal ASHRAE® level building energy audit standards.