Innovate. Integrate. Elevate.

Going beyond building automation systems​

Empowered Buildings seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and analytics that go beyond typical building automation systems with time-tested engineering, providing a comprehensive solution for energy management and long-term control and monitoring of HVAC, lighting, and utility costs.

  • Open, hardware-agnostic platform.
  • Centralized solution. 
  • Seamless integration.
  • Infinitely scalable infrastructure. 
  • Easily phased deployment across portfolio of locations.
  • Secure, independent, encrypted data-network.
  • Contextualized data with actionable insights.
  • Fosters proactive management.
  • Critical Condition, Event-Monitoring and Alerting.
  • Utility Consumption & Cost Aggregation reporting and optimization.

It’s in the name

Why we’ve partnered with Reliable Controls

  • Open Protocol BACnet Listed controllers support various communications standards to 3rd party equipment.
  • Stand-alone operation or complex networked systems.
  • Allows for smaller initial installations and future expandability while maintaining one platform.
  • Cost effective and powerful web browser-based server.
  • Backward compatible with all previous-generation systems.
  • Stellar track record of working with significant national & international clients.
  • All Reliable Controls products carry an industry-leading 5-year warranty.