The Empowered Process


Quantify and measure energy consumption, emissions, and regulatory penalties using our energy professionals and state-of-the-art technology stack.

Measure using our TECHNOLOGY:

  • Our vast proprietary database of over 40,000 buildings allows us to extract data on energy consumption and carbon emissions before stepping foot in your building.

Measure using our PROFESSIONAL STAFF:

  • Our staff of Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, and Energy Industry Professionals complements the technology to conduct conventional building assessments and formal ASHRAE® level building energy audits.

Monitor & Analyze

Through our customized dashboard, clients utilize dynamic analytics and visualization software to analyze building data.

  • Our technologies follow Open Building Automation and Control Network protocols, allowing for the integration of existing hardware and system compatibility, creating greater monitoring capability and flexibility.
  • Our robust Alerting Engine allows for proactive building management, lowering energy consumption and ensuring against catastrophic risk.


Incorporate state and utility incentive money, grants, and tax credits to lower project costs, improve return on investment, and reduce payback periods.

  • We manage the incentive process to facilitate projects and assure maximum payout.
  • Up to 85% of costs of energy efficiency measures are covered.
  • Our experts in incentive management find money to finance every project.
  • Our engineers perform custom energy savings calculations as required to secure incentive money.
  • Creative project financing options are available.


Leverage our team for the implementation of energy conservation solutions, project management, and the recommendation of strategies to enhance building performance.

  • Our in-house Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers design and implement your project installations.


Optimize and coordinate the operation of your mechanical and electrical equipment to achieve desired goals.

  • Our systems collect your building data and use artificial intelligence and analytics to LEARN, RESPOND, and REACT to your building’s performance.
  • This process optimizes set points and controls your equipment to reduce energy consumption and decarbonize your buildings. 


Utilize real-time utility consumption data to understand how changes to equipment and operations translate into actual dollars cost savings.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your energy conservation measure by confirming and comparing consumption and cost savings.  
  • Empowered Buildings is a select member of the Green Button Alliance’s Share My Data program, providing us with real-time building energy usage data. 
  • Analyze bottom line impact of inefficiencies such as temperature imbalances, heat loss and excess water use.
  • Calculate the true ROI of past energy efficiency projects to inform future investments and hold vendors accountable.
  • Track your portfolio’s real-time energy consumption to understand usage patterns and improve efficiency.