Empowered Health: The New Norm

We’re using real time data to mitigate risk in a new normal.

Our unique combination of medical, engineering & real time data expertise helps you take the necessary steps to mitigate risk in your building, so you can keep your tenants safe and set their minds at ease.

The tools & expert guidance to keep people in your building safe & set minds at ease.

Founded by a team of practicing infectious disease physicians, epidemiologists and professional engineers, Empowered Buildings addresses the concerns of building hosts and their occupants and guides them through the many challenges ahead of them, to instill confidence in their health and safety in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible. When facing a “new normal” in the age of COVID-19 and heightened public health awareness, this assurance couldn’t be more critical.

We’re here so you can keep people safe.

An all-in-one solution to keep people safe & informed.

Empowered Buildings will help you:

Implement interventions to mitigate risk of viral and bacterial transmissions.

Adhere to changing regulatory requirements.

Receive alerts of COVID-19 incidence rates by employee zip code.

Stay automatically informed of the ever-changing high incidence regions (in US and internationally).

Understand the granularity of issues; e.g. what is considered an exposure.

Stay informed with a “go-to” person for specific questions.

Know the steps to be taken in the event of an outbreak.

Use contact tracing application to identify exposures.

Understand how/when to change guidelines based on community trends.

Receive alerts as guidelines change for any given regulatory body.

Implement appropriate interventions based on COVID-19 trends.

Upgrade HVAC/engineering controls and understand how much needs to be done to mitigate risk.

Alleviate the anxieties of employees who are reluctant to come back to work.

Leverage the best ROI (spend money on disinfectant/cleaning frequency, UV lighting, PPE type, etc.)

Our Difference

A unique combination of medical, engineering & real time data expertise.

While other services are coming into the market to offer software solutions based on reputable guidance from external sources, such as the CDC or Department of Health, Empowered Buildings is led by actual on-staff physicians and epidemiologists specialized in infectious diseases.

At the same time, we are the only service that applies our expert guidance to the physical controls and operations of the building, not just the building occupants. Our team of professional engineers has decades of experience in building science, energy management and orchestration. In addition, we are experts in real time, data-driven software. This gives us the ability to work with every nook and cranny of your building’s control systems and coordinate them under the guidance of our in-house health experts.

Our Framework

Our dynamic, data-driven framework to engage & mitigate risk in real time.

Data points from a myriad of sources continuously funnel into the Empowered Buildings Health Software.

The Empowered Buildings Health Software assesses data, adjusts and engages with building systems and occupants in real time.

The Empowered Buildings Health Software assesses data, adjusts and engages with building systems and occupants in real time.

Our app serves as a comprehensive, curated, one-stop-shop destination for users looking for more information on COVID-19.

How We Work

It takes 5 steps to get going.



  • Fill out info on policies and building in Empowered Buildings portal
  • Receive policy and building systems recommendations

Building Setup

  • Empowered Buildings, (or someone in our network of contractors,) installs sensors and controls to enable monitoring, Epidemic Mode capabilities, etc.

Launch Owner/Management Portal

  • Connect sensors, controls, HID cards, etc.
  • Establish logic for HVAC, access, etc., and ensure they are in-line with current safety recommendations

Employee Rollout

  • Work with tenant to launch app with employees and onboard them to Empowered Buildings’ educational resources
  • Optional employee communications support from Empowered Buildings (FAQ’s, etc.)

Ongoing Support

  • Updates and alerts on changing conditions, regulations
  • Access to our medical and engineering experts for specific questions

Ready to get started?